My Most Popular Crystal Radio Circuits

My Most Popular Crystal Radio Circuits

Crystal radio / cat's whisker sets. There was an enormous variety of crystals sets or cat's whisker radios that were manufactured for the domestic market in the 1920s once radio broadcasting had become established. many of these crystal sets were sold as complete radios, but there was also a booming market in kits and the components. Many people made their own radios at home.

Scott's Crystal Radios TECLA Thirty Thomas E. Clark Co. ... LINKS A page of links to related radio sites including my favorite crystal radio sites. 1960 ... HB-17 gives 20 of the most popular Modern Radio Labs crystal radio circuits including the MRL-2 and MRL-2A. It also gives the coil details for the wavetrap QRM coil.

resistance movement. By the 1950s crystal radios had become popular as hobbyist items. [11] Crystal radios have since been superseded, but their principles have not become obsolete. A crystal radio is a tuned circuit with no external power sources other than the radio

Armstrong "Crystal" Radio, but looks a whole lot nicer, I would like to suggest The Geezerola Senior radio I have also built a tiny crystal radio based on some of the good design features of the CR1. My homemade high performance crystal radio. Please note that this radio performs poorly compared to the Armstrong "Crystal" Radio.

09/10/2015 · Traditionally, in a crystal detector radio tuned circuits, a mechanical type variable capacitor is used. For those of you who would like to eliminate this mechanical component, here is a modern version of the classic detector set. This radio, as shown on Figure 1, uses a varactor diode instead of the usual mechanical rotary device.

13/07/2012 · It operates at the crystal's funda­mental frequency, without tuning or other adjustments. Fig. 2. Pierce oscillator operates at almost any frequency, but uses only fundamental frequency of the crystal. Plate voltage should be as low as possible. One of the most popular harmonic-oscillator circuits is …

24/06/2013 · See all articles from Popular Electronics. High Power Crystal Set. ... Here's a pint-sized crystal radio with enough oomph to drive a 2 1/2" speaker. This little unit's selectivity is far better than you'd expect to find in a crystal receiver and volume is equal to that obtained with sets using a transistor. No external power source is required.

Radios Crystal Radios . My Most Popular Crystal Radio Circuits. This page is designed for you meat and potatoes people that are more interested in the guts than the fluff. I tend to divide my skills between good circuits and nice looking sets. I have fun in both areas (not to mention making these pages).

This vintage crystal radio kit was manufactured in 1975 by the Humbrol Mindstrand Company, and was part of their "World of Discovery" series. It consists of a kit of parts and instructions to build a germanium diode based crystal radio set. These types of radios are extremely popular and eBay is usually the place to find some of the best kits that work.

26/10/2019 · Hi guys here is my RF Detector circuit. I am not familiar with circuit designing but I could make it and it's working, it can detect Cell Phone radiation maybe GSM band and a little bit WiFi also electromagnetic waves from power sources and AC lines.